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This is why VBMC will never apply for a 501c3 status. To do so compromises an organization, causing them to be restricted by government as to what they can say, stand up for or against, to include endorsing, supporting  or opposing a particular political candidate. In essence they become IMPOTENT SLAVES OF THE GOVERNMENT SYSTEM, cowardly and in fear of loosing their tax exempt status for speaking out against government corruption, violations of our Constitutionally protected rights, liberties and freedoms or any religious matter. They become politically correct and powerless. 



Veteran Bikers MC Headquarters LLC Operating Agreement

A.  THIS OPERATING AGREEMENT of Veteran Bikers MC Headquarters LLC (the "Company") is entered into as of the date set forth on the signature page hereto by each of the persons named in Exhibit A hereto (referred to individually as a Member and collectively as the Members).

B.   The Member(s) have formed a limited liability company under the West Virginia Uniform Limited Liability Company Act (Chapter 3 IB of the West Virginia Code, hereafter "West Virginia Limited Liability Company Act"). The articles of organization of the Company filed with the West Virginia Secretary of State are hereby adopted and approved by the Member(s).

C.  The Member(s) enter into this agreement to provide for the governance of the Company and the conduct of its business, and to specify their relative rights and obligations.


The excerpt above has been added for the sake of those interested in the structure of Veteran Bikers MC Headquarters LLC.  VBMC is a Single Owner Limited Liability Company owned and operated by its founder Aaron (Moon Dogg) Edison.  The Company is registered with the State of WV Secretary of State with its Headquarters located in Bridgeport, WV.  Other than the Founder/Owner/Nat'l President VBMC HQ LLC has no paid employees serving on staff at the Company or Headquarters level.  Headquarters however does consist of seven (7) additional volunteer staff officers consisting of Vice- President, Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Affairs, Historian and Chaplain.

Headquarters (the Company) authorizes the establishment and operation of Chapters of VBMC within the 50 states of the United States of America. All VBMC Chapters are approved and Chartered by VBMC HQ to operate and function subordinate to Headquarters and receive all standard operating procedure, directives, regulations, Constitution and By-laws for the proper running of the Chapter from VBMC HQ LLC.

Chapters of VBMC are required to adhere to the polices established and set forth from Headquarters and in the proper running, operation and conducting of VBMC business.  Chapters have elected officers consisting of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Two of these four positions (President and Vice-President) MUST be filled by  Veteran Members of the Chapter.  These four positions along with the Public Relations / Historian make up the Chapters Executive Committee.  The Chapter also has several other officer positions to include Sgt-At-Arms, Chaplain, Road Captains and Mentors.  All are elected or appointed by members of the Chapter and work together to insure proper running of the Chapter and in accordance with VBMC HQ policies and directives.

Chapters staying within the guidelines of VBMC HQ conduct their own chapter business, to include but not limited to meetings, chapter fundraisers, charity fundraisers, fun runs and other events.  Chapters establish and are responsible for their own agendas, bank accounts, accounting procedures, recruiting of members, elections, and the overall running of the Chapter and Chapter business. The Chapters Charter, Constitution and Bylaws, Regulations, Oath and Prayer are to be in line with those of Headquarters viewable here in our website.  Any changes to these must be first submitted to and approved by VBMC HQ.  Any Chapter refusing to comply with VBMC HQ policies and directives is susceptible to having its Charter revoked.

All membership in VBMC is Strictly VOLUNTARY.  Members may join VBMC at the national level only and function as individuals (nomads) until such time as they can find or establish a Chapter of VBMC in their areas.  All members are highly encouraged to find or establish a chapter for support and a better overall VBMC experience.  All members either nomad or chapter affiliated must also abide by VBMC HQ policies and directives and must keep their membership dues current to both Headquarters and their Chapter.  Any individual member found to be in violation of club rules, laws and policies may have disciplinary action taken against them up to and including permanent termination of membership.




The Founder/Owner/Nat'l President of VBMC, a retired Military Veteran of twenty three years service along with fifteen years of Federal Law Enforcement background and strong passions for motorcycles began seeing that there exist here in America an overwhelming need for our nation to return to the principles of God, Constitution and Country.  For this purpose he began searching for a way to combine his passions and expound on these honorable principles.  What better way to uphold these values and bring Honor and Respect back to our nation and those that defend it than to create an elite Motorcycle Club rooted in the same time tested principles of our forefathers and TRUE PATRIOTS?  Thus was conceived and birthed the epitome of road warrior worthiness what has now become known as the VETERAN BIKERS MC!                                  

Veteran Bikers MC was first conceived in August of 2010 by Founder and Nat'l President Aaron A. Edison.   Aaron, or "Moon Dogg" as many know him, is a West Virginia native born in the small town of Grafton, West Virginia.  Upon graduating Grafton High School in 1974 Aaron went almost immediately into the United States Air Force as an aircraft mechanic (crew chief) and was stationed for most of his first enlistment at Clark AFB in the Philippians in support of PACAF and the still ongoing Vietnam War.

Aaron discharged his first enlistment in 1979 and returned home to attend Fairmont State College.  While in college Aaron kept his military time going by enlisting in the West Virginia Army National Guard from 1982 until 1985.  After graduating with honors Aaron began a career in Federal Law Enforcement while enlisting also in the United States Air Force Reserve serving in Pittsburgh, PA from 1986 until 1995.  He then transferred to a Pennsylvania Air National Guard Unit from 1995 until he retired in August 2001 last serving as a boom operator aboard Air Force KC-135E tanker aircraft.

Aaron, from the time of his youth, has always shared passions for both the military and motorcycles. It is with Honor and Respect that he now chooses to provide others an opportunity to share in and with him his passions to support and uphold the principles of GOD, Constitution and County and those who so valiantly defend it,,our Nations VETERANS!

Historically and because WE ARE A CLUB, we have set club standards for membership.  WE ARE SELECTIVE.  Numbers aren’t as important to us as our creed to ride as PROUD MEMBERS OF VBMC IN SUCH A WAY AS TO BRING HONOR AND RESPECT FOR OUR GOD, OUR NATIONS CONSTITUTION, COUNTRY AND OUR NATIONS VETERANS.  Not everyone who applies to VBMC for membership has been or will be successful in becoming a member.  Those believing they have and share our passion to uphold the creed to RIDE WITH HONOR should by all means apply.  All applicants are looked at carefully, character evaluated with emphasis placed on honesty and devotion to our Oath and Creed.  THE CHALLENGE IS YOURS!



















~Aaron (MoonDogg) Edison~

Founder / National President 


Contact us at:  304-265-2749,,, 304-694--5773  or 304-704-1329

[email protected]







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