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Hi Ya'll!  My name is Peg, but all my ridin' friends, know me as Tweek.  (Mechanically inclined, and love to "fix" or "enhance" all things mechanical...lol)

Originally from Toledo, Ohio.  I have made my home in Jacksonville, FL for the last 14 years.  I have one son, who graduated college in 2012, and whom now holds a very respectable postion with an ad agency.  

I have been a biker, since I was knee high to a grasshopper.  Started out on mini's, went to dirt, and eventually graduated to a 1991 XLH Custom Sportster 1200.  I prefer Harley's, but that's just me.  YOU ride what you like, and that's just FINE by me.  I respect everyone's choices, and would never "dis" you, for that choice.  On the contrary, I encourage your freedom to RIDE WHAT YOU LIKE!!!  

I have been working with a homeless ministry, for the last 5 yrs. plus, and took "Kingdom Training", with another ministry to be ordained.  I am currently enrolled in the School of Kingdom Ministry (SOKM) Through the Vineyard movement.  I am ordained by God, and I am always willing to learn, anything, GOD wants to teach me.

Most all the men in my family, served this Country with honor.  So, I have been, and always will be, a STAUNCH supporter of our Armed Forces.  Freedom isn't free, and I am keenly aware of that fact.  Working with the homeless, has afforded me the opportunity to meet and try to help, many homeless veterans. And that is something I AM PASSIONATE,  to change!  NO VET SHOULD EVER BE HOMELESS!!!  They gave ALL, and then some, and WE NEED TO GIVE BACK!!!  

I know, MOST of you ARE Vet's, and I want to  THANK YOU, FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!  

Your sacrifice, to afford all of us, our Constitutional Rights, is greatly appreciated!!!



as long as I have life in my body, and the breath, to do so.  SO HELP ME, GOD!!!



Your Chaplain.


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Reply Snake 1950
2:53 PM on November 30, 2015 
looking forward to riding with fellow florida members hope to map out the where aboutsof these this fine group needs more of our own down here on the gulf heres to a good day to ya god bless
Reply Buffalo Bill
7:54 AM on May 27, 2015 
God Bless us all! Thank You for all you do for us vets.
Reply Gerald "Jerry" Granger
11:25 AM on August 30, 2014 
Just joined and look forward to being with a group of people who actually cherish the freedoms our ancestors, and plenty of us, have fought to preserve those freedoms. I do so believe in "one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all"
Reply mario mana
4:45 PM on July 5, 2014 
thank you an god bless.you an all vbmc I have a 1998 1200 s.i love it. thay call me mick.
Reply Star
8:39 PM on May 9, 2014 
Hi Tweek, Thanks for the welcome, Ride Safe and hope you have a Great weekend. Looking forward to meeting with more of the VBMC.
Reply ttttttttttttttttt
5:49 PM on March 3, 2014 
Yep, Tweek. I was nominated to be Chaplain, but won't be ordained until middle of June. Been in the ministry for over thirty years. You name it, I've done it. Never needed or felt the need for ordination. Been doing the Lord's work.
5:02 PM on January 24, 2014 
Just wanted to say I'm from Ohio also little place called Ashland but was born in Mansfield. Just think that's pretty cool its a small country but the greatest.
4:53 PM on January 24, 2014 
Thanks for the warm welcome looking forward to the future fellowship with the entire club. I've always enjoyed meeting new friends.
Reply San Dimas
6:20 AM on December 16, 2013 
Thanks for the add - see you on FB ;)
Reply Andrey
9:36 PM on December 1, 2013 
Thank you, also thank you for the congratulations with the coming girl. Moreover, I could not fall in love with this country knowing what it has and what it stands for. To those who came from countries that are freedom-less the God endowed rights and freedoms are very visible. I love liberty, and I am willing to continue in the fight against tyranny. I also fell in love with the actions of the Veterans prior and the brothers who were dying next to me. I hope the upcoming youth will see the actions of the Americans who laid their lives down for this beautiful country and would be willing to do the same.
Reply Daniel "Shepherd" Garrett
12:45 AM on November 19, 2013 
Thanks for the welcome. Look forward to checking out the VBMC info, and sharing with some brothers here. God bless.
Reply Preacher
6:26 PM on November 11, 2013 
Hi Tweek sorry haven't got back to any thing but the hours I would, and then pastor a small church, well doesn't leave much time. but sometimes the web and brothers and sister across this great land is all the fellow ship I get. if your ever out this way stop on in, God blessing, Preacher
Reply Candi J (CJ)
12:41 AM on November 8, 2013 
Thanks for the welcome, Tweek! I can't wait for my finances to get a little better so I can join this great group. I lost my job a month ago and now am trying to get my name out there in Texas to perform weddings. I do hope we get to talk more.
Reply Jim AKA Gunslinger
7:13 PM on November 7, 2013 
No worries Tweek I feel its a good way to learn about each other and so on..... shortly i will send ya my novel haha My only down side is no wheels hard thing when i lost a very high 5 figure job when the economy crashed it cost me just about everything short of my house... so now i have to try to remake my life and my kids life all over again... it sucks but what can ya do.... more later..... Gunslinger...
Reply Jim AKA Gunslinger
12:04 PM on November 7, 2013 
Still going thru all the details and such there is a lot to cover but so far its right up my ally

Thank you
Reply Jon D Sorrell
7:30 AM on November 6, 2013 
hey Tweek thanks for the comments. i am looking foward to joining as a full patched member.
Reply Stan Hanks
2:39 AM on November 2, 2013 
The book sounds good to me I like it just the way it reads ok.
Reply T.Trusty "Cutter"
5:42 PM on October 10, 2013 
Thank you fr the welcome Chap! I am honored to be here and know this is the MC for me. I look forward to getting to know you all and hope I can represent you all well out here in the Dakotas. The riding as you know is amazing out here and I hope to see all of you guys out here at some point enjoying it for yourselves. :-) Thanx again. :-)
4:35 PM on October 1, 2013 
thank you always.[DEADDOG]
Reply Jaws
4:22 PM on September 4, 2013 
Chaplain, may I have permission to print and post your "Christian Commission in my work center, and to repost it on my Facebook, creditng you?