Important Message from a WWII Vet - YouTube Add Video

World War II Airborne combat veteran Warenn (Renn) Bodeker, from Plains, Montana gives us ...

Posted by Veteran Bikers M/C on January 25, 2014 at 10:35 AM 3328 Views

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Reply Randy Thomas
3:58 PM on October 6, 2015 
this gentleman couldn't be more correct. I would add that we must as a nation return to God and repent for the travesties we allow in this country.
7:21 PM on January 22, 2015 
You need to listen to this man. And anyone like him, BEFORE, they're all gone. Most are in their late to early nineties, in years. MOST, are already gone. BELIEVE what you hear, and REMEMBER...

What ALL of our MILITARY fight for.

US. Not the United States of America by itself...
US. We the people.

"Beware the wrath of a people's NATION"!

Take a Stand, and Stand up for the Constitution of the United States of America, because our FOREFATHERS, had the foresight to see, that if we didn't live by these plainly stated rules, we as a NATION, would inevitably fall, to those who perceive us as "we the weak"

Listen...and Learn!

Apathy...is DOOM.

Ride Free
Chaplain Tweek
Reply Paco
5:47 PM on August 19, 2014 
Thank you for your video and your service! What an inspiration.
God bless
Reply Capt Roscoe
9:05 AM on June 15, 2014 
He said more in 8 min than our current president has in 6 years! I just tweeted it to all my patriot friends. GOD BLESS US ALL
Reply none
11:28 PM on March 15, 2014 
109 views, not 1 comment, hummm!! Time to awaken ya-all, there is a much greater issue at hand. You watch this oll Vet speak and think he has not long, so he has nothing to loose, who is going to challange him or speak up. If this MAN can get involved, what have you taken the Oath for, time to fight! Challange for your 1st Amendment Rights. Enforcement does not like it when you challange them, but if you do not they will take your Constitutional Rights and make you more of a slave than you are already. Your comfortable now because they have'nt come for you. When will you draw the line and say no, when it is to late and they take your home, your food, even your children. Because your political master tells you to. You have a choice! The Thugs justify their actions with statements like "I'm just doing my job". Heartless, mindless pawns of oppresssion that won't be remembered. Where will you draw the line? Cops cannot disobey an immoral order, the rare one who can is short lived for his job! Remember the BORG "you will comply or die", it's not your place to decide? What a lie! Make no mistake, these Excauses do not relieve them of their actions. Only you and you alone are responsible for your actions, you have no moral right to attact, you do have the right to stand up . Following orders to hurt people is the act of a coward. Protect the Innocent and our Rights, be the hero like this man.