Study Guide for Newer Members of VBMC


Purpose statement:


Brothers and Sisters;


Congratulations on your choice to join the Veteran Bikers Motorcycle Club.  There are expectations published on our website under the title “PROBATION EXPECTATIONS”.  See http://www.veteranbikersmc.com/probationexpectations.htm .    You have probably read through most of the website by this time, so you know there are expectations.


Your 1st responsibility is to read as much as you can from the website.  And then realize that you can’t know EVERYTHING from Day 1.  That is not an expectation.  But know this.  This Motorcycle Club is different.  You can patch in simply be proving your status as a veteran, or as a Patriot of our country.  So getting the patches and getting them sewed on is the easy part.  From that day forward, you need to earn the right to continue to wear the colors.


Each new member goes through a probationary stage for 1 year.  This is when you can “Make the Grade”.  But don’t think for a minute that you don’t have to earn those VBMC patches that were provided when you were approved for VBMC membership.  New members have to earn the right to continue to wear the colors, but existing members are subject to the same standards.


After reading the “PROBATION EXPECTATIONS” you’ll realize that as of 4/28/2016, it’s a 10 point plan that explains the minimum requirements for ‘making the grade’.  All of us are Veterans or Patriots who recognize and agree with the Christian principles that led to the formation of the Veteran Bikers Motorcycle Club.  We each need to take the responsibility to earn our colors.  Please don’t expect that you can send in a DD214, pay the fees, and skate. 




Study Point #1; the VBMC prayer and the VBMC oath.


On the VBMC website, there are tabs where you can open the VBMC Prayer, and the VBMC Oath, which you are expected to memorize.  I printed these out and started a personal notebook.  These 2 documents are at the front of my notebook, which I carry every time I ride.  The key to memorization is repetition.  You are not going to be successful at memorization unless you print these out and recite them.  See http://www.veteranbikersmc.com/vbmcprayer.htm and http://www.veteranbikersmc.com/vbmcoath.htm .






Study Point #2; know the club colors and what they mean.


The answer is found if you open the VBMC Regulations tab.  We have 2 colors, Gold and Black.  Black recognizes the sacrifices that have been made in defending our country.  Gold is to honor and respect all who have served our country.   See http://www.veteranbikersmc.com/vbmcregulations.htm


Study Point #3; know the fist salute.


Easy.  Look at the tab VBMC Salute.  It’s a clenched fist to denote strength and solidarity.  See http://www.veteranbikersmc.com/vbmcsalute.htm


Study Point #4; know the VBMC Mission.


This is very clearly pointed out in the VBMC website at the “Home” tab.  Read it and watch the video that was posted by Brother MoonDogg, our Club President and Founder of VBMC.  See http://www.veteranbikersmc.com/


Study Point #5: know the VBMC Charter, Constitution, Bylaws, and Regulations.


Again, you have all the information you need on the VBMC website.  There is a VBMC Charter tab, a VBMC Constitution tab (which also contains the Bylaws), and a VBMC Regulations tab.  Read these and you’ll get the knowledge you need to ‘make the grade’.  See these: http://www.veteranbikersmc.com/vbmccharter.htm http://www.veteranbikersmc.com/vbmcconstitution.htm  http://www.veteranbikersmc.com/vbmcregulations.htm


Study Point #6: know the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.


You can find many internet links that allow you to print the entire Constitution.  It’s only 11-12 pages, and you can read it in 15-20 minutes.  Basically, the Constitution defines how a Democracy is to function.  What amazes me is that it was written and ratified over 200 years ago, but it is still pertinent today.  You owe it to yourself to print it, read it, and keep it in your VBMC notebook.


The Bill of Rights is a Collection of the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution.  Yes, things can change in 200 years.  This document is also easily researched and printed, and I keep it in my notebook.  What is really interesting to me, the last amendment was approved in 1971.  That’s 45 years ago.  It makes it all the more amazing how much our Founding Fathers got things right.


Members are required to have a softback copy of each in their vest or jacket at all times when wearing VBMC colors.  On the VBMC Regulations tab this text appears:




To get your Pocket Constitution write to:  Cato Institute, 1000 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001 or www.cato.org.  Also call 800-767-1241. 


Study Point #7; study the New Testament.


This one is pretty self-explanatory.   We carry a copy wherever we go.   If you think you learned it as a kid, just read it again as an adult.  I guarantee you will find new meaning and relevance. 


To get your New Testament write to:  Murrysville Alliance Church, P.O. Box 222 Murrysville, PA 15668 or call 724-327-7206.




Study Point #8; know the MC Protocols.


The best teacher is experience, but a negative experience can get you and your Brothers and Sisters in trouble.  VBMC members are not 1%ers.  You respect your colors, and others should too.  Show respect, and you’ll get it back.  If provoked, walk away.  See http://www.veteranbikersmc.com/thebikerscode.htm




Study Point #9; Address Brothers and Sisters correctly.


We are all members of the Veteran Bikers Motorcycle Club.  It’s an honor to be included.  Once we are included, we have a bond.  We are Brothers and Sisters.  Everyone deserves respect for what they’ve achieved.  We are Brothers and Sisters, and need to address each other appropriately.  An example is given in the Probation Expectations at http://www.veteranbikersmc.com/probationexpectations.htm


Study Point #10; KNOW what’s on the website.


How easy is this?  Sign in, get involved, and get engaged.  Participate in forums and show that you care.  Darn few ‘make the grade’, but working together as Veterans and Patriots, we can accomplish amazing things.  Again, congratulations on your choice to join Veteran Bikers Motorcycle Club.




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