Quotes Like me, and most of the club, we are all busy, workin' and just livin' day to day, and I'm no diff'rnt. K? This club is growing and expanding and we LOVE that. And we LOVE Ya'll! We're BLESSED to have you. We thank you for your service, we admire your dedication, and we are honored to have you with us. Don't give another thought to the delays in comm. (**It happens.) My personal message is this: Get in touch when you want or need to, and NEVER, feel anything but my best, for doing so. K? That's...why I'm here. Much Love and Respect, Chaplain Tweek Quotes
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Quotes MESSAGE FROM A VBMC CHAPLAIN: HELLO ALL, Whether you are a member of VBMC or not, I'd like to give you a hearty welcome! ... See More Whatever Tomorrow Brings, I'll be there. ♥ Quotes

Quotes Good points all around. Truly aprpeicated. Quotes

Quotes For Those of you who know us , We are all about Bikers and Military Veterans. Not long ago I had the pleasure of meeting a truly great man and his Organization. That man was Aaron(Moon Dogg)Edison and his organization is Veteran Bikers M/C. When I came to visit his website and began to read about their mission, their commraderi, and what they do to help honor our Military Veterans, I was truly impressed. I felt a sense of belonging as I read through their literature and looked at their members. I have always said that the only person that can understand a Vet, is another Vet. Only another Vet can understand the feelings of the military commitment, the trials and tribulations of being a soldier. Quotes
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