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The name of this organization shall be VETERAN BIKERS MC and hereafter referred to as (VBMC).  They shall have the authority to operate in the State of West Virginia and in other states nationally across the United States of America. Operation depends on compliance with the requirements and conditions of this charter, state laws and associated by-laws and all applicable VBMC Headquarters directives and policies.






Above all else members of VETERAN BIKERS MC shall ride with Honor and Respect for OUR GOD, OUR NATIONS CONSTITUTION, OUR COUNTRY and ALL VETERANS having served in our countries armed forces.  This is paramount to membership.  This is what Veteran Bikers MC was created for.  It is a way for YOU a Veteran (or non-veteran Patriot) to show your respect to and for THE GREATER FOUR along with your fellow Brothers and Sisters in Arms while enjoying the hard earned freedom to ride the wind.

VETERAN BIKERS MC was also founded to establish and maintain a spirit of comradeship and esprit de corps that will enhance the prestige of all motorcycle riders, promote unity within the Veteran and motorcycle community, encourage on-going rider education and skills development, and reduce the potential of motorcycle mishaps.  To operate and conduct itself in a manner that provides equal opportunity and treatment for all Veterans and motorcyclists regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicap.





1.  The primary goal of VETERAN BIKERS MC is to promote and demonstrate HONOR AND RESPECT FOR OUR GOD, NATIONS CONSTITUTION, COUNTRY AND VETERANS while enjoying one of the hard earned freedoms won by our Veterans to ride the wind.  To participate independently and /or with other like-minded riding groups (such as The PATRIOT GUARD RIDERS AND CHRISTIAN MOTORCYCLIST ASSOCIATION) in Honoring and Respecting U.S. Veterans and on such missions as standing flag lines and riding motorcycle funeral escort as requested of the VBMC by the families of fallen veterans, to participate in farewell and homecoming missions for military units deploying to or returning home from theaters of combat.  


2.  VETERAN BIKERS MC will seek to improve morale, promote rider awareness and skills improvement.  VBMC will seek to enhance the local community relationship through community service efforts with the Veterans Administration and other Veteran organizations and events by unifying and combining the unique and individual talents of the VBMC members.


3.  Each member is encouraged to actively participate, to support the objectives of the VBMC by setting a positive example, and to promote the safety and welfare of all members.




1.  Provide each member with the collective knowledge, experience, and influence of OUR GOD, NATIONS CONSTITUTION and VBMC protocols  positively affecting VETERANS, the families of VETERANS and the entire veteran community as well as the motorcycling community in and around our surrounding areas.

2.  Improve rider skills through mentoring of new members and continuing education for all riders.

3.  Establish an effective means of communication and support for and with all members to improve the general welfare of each member and to exchange ideas, share talents, and foster a brother and sisterhood while keeping attuned to changes in attitudes and behaviors of all riders.

4.  Promote the positive status of motorcycle riders in and around our community.

5.      Promote and support safety recognition programs.

6.  Promote social gatherings, area rides and shared motorcycle ownership knowledge with Club members, non-Club members and Veterans from the local community, as well as other motorcycle groups & Clubs.

7.  For the safety of all VBMC members, no alcohol will be consumed during the riding portion of any VBMC -sponsored trip.  VBMC members will plan for and promote the use of designated drivers and utilize other DUI prevention programs with all VBMC -sponsored, organized, or attended events where alcoholic beverages will be consumed.  The illegal use of drugs to include the miss use of legal prescription drugs will be grounds for suspension of membership with the possibility of termination.

8.  Provide a forum wherein any policy; program, or problem of interest to the members in general may be discussed freely.

9.  Assist in maintaining a high state of group moral and esprit de corps, while encouraging the highest standards of safety, bearing, and behavior.

10.  Invite guest speakers to talk about topics of interest to the members, with emphasis on GOD, CONSTITUTION, COUNTRY AND VETERANS, safety, rider skills, and community relations etc.



Qualification of Members, Fees and Removal 


 1. An active FULL COLORS Member (not an Associate/Patriot or Honorary member) of VBMC MUST be a VETERAN having served in a branch of the United States Armed Forces for a minimum period of 180 days.  An active FULL COLORS Member must be able to show proof of Veteran Status via DD Form 214 or Discharge Certificate etc.

2. ALL members of VBMC MUST agree with and uphold our policy to ALWAYS ride as a member of VETERAN BIKERS MC in such a way as to bring Honor and Respect to and for OUR GOD, OUR NATIONS CONSTITUTION, COUNTRY AND ALL Veterans having served in the United States Armed Forces.

3. ALL membership in VETERAN BIKERS MC shall be strictly voluntary and without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicap.  Membership will not be granted to any prospect or member of a known or previously unknown outlaw motorcycle club.  All first year memberships in VBMC are PROBATIONARY.  Each subsequent years membership can be declared probationary as well if a member has demonstrated a lack of character and / or unwillingness to abide by, uphold and support the VBMC Charter, Constitution and Bylaws, Regulations and Headquarters Directives. Failure to correct such behaviors can lead to termination of membership. Members operating motor vehicles must have a valid driver’s license and maintain insurance as required by law.  Motorcyclist must have the State (F) endorsement on their license as well.  All military members and civilian employees (as required by DOD and service instructions) will have a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Rider CourseSM completion card. 

4. No member, family of member, or any other representative of said member shall hold Veteran Bikers MC liable for ANY injuries, damages or other losses (financial or otherwise) due to a member’s and/or Chapters voluntary participation in any ride, event, meeting or program sponsored by VBMC.  Membership shall consist of four categories as defined below:

a). Active FULL COLORS Member:  Any individual that is a VETERAN and able to demonstrate proof of Veteran Status, who does or does not ride their own motorcycle or who rides as a passenger on their spouse or significant others motorcycle, living in the VBMC Headquarters State of West Virginia and its surrounding counties or living in a state whereas an extension of the charter has been established and approved for operation by majority vote of the Elected VBMC Headquarters Officials.  To become and remain active an initial $180.00 nonrefundable membership fee is required the first year.  Afterwards an annual $30.00 nonrefundable membership dues is required of each member payable directly to VBMC Headquarters.  An Active FULL COLORS Member may also be required to pay a $20.00 annual Chapter Dues to their local Chapter. An active member is authorized to vote upon and discuss all matters in which the member has interests.

b). Associate/Patriot Colors Member:  Any individual that is NOT A VETERAN and does or does not ride their own motorcycle or who rides as a passenger on their spouse or significant others motorcycle is eligible to become an Associate/Patriot Colors Member (generally referred to as PATRIOT member).  A Patriot member will pay an initial nonrefundable membership fee of $170.00 for the first year.  Afterwards an annual $20.00 nonrefundable dues is required of each Patriot member paid directly to VBMC Headquarters. Patriot members may also be required to pay a $10.00 annual Chapter Dues to their local Chapter.  Patriot members are never eligible to hold the Officer positions of President, or Vice-president however they may hold other officer positions such as Secretary, Treasurer, PR/ Historian, as well as serve on the Executive Board. Patriot members may vote for Full Colors members who are running for the the offices of President and Vice-President.  Any Patriot Colors Member who may later become a VETERAN may at that time be upgraded to an Active FULL COLORS Member membership.  At that time full membership fees and dues are due immediately and annually.

c). Honorary Member:  Honorary membership may be extended to any person with a simple majority vote of the active members present at any membership meeting, except as mentioned below.  Such membership shall be restricted to individuals who have taken positive actions that support the VBMC principles, purposes, and objectives.  An Honorary Member may make suggestions to improve operations of VBMC.  Honorary members do not have voting powers nor may they be elected to hold any Official office or position.

d). Inactive Member:  Any FULL COLORS or Patriot Colors member whose annual fees to VBMC Headquarters or Chapter Dues to their local Chapter are 30 days delinquent.  An inactive member is not authorized to vote nor make any motions. However, an inactive member may present information that may be critical to the VBMC during debates if approved by the President.  Individuals may be issued a 15-day delinquency notice prior to being placed on the inactive member roster. 

SECTION B:  Active participation and support of projects, activities, and functions of the VBMC are encouraged and are the responsibility of every member.

SECTION C:  Membership may be denied or withdrawn from active FULL COLORS, Patriot, Honorary, or Inactive members under the conditions prescribed by the officers of the VBMC in accordance with Article III, sections A and D, of this Charter and Article I of the By-laws (See Sergeant-At-Arms).  Membership may terminate at the written request of the member.

SECTION D:  Any member involved in any incident that brings a negative impact on the VBMC as a whole will be suspended from active membership status in the VBMC becoming an inactive member, and shall forfeit all fees paid to date.  Suspension of active membership will be based upon actual facts revealed from the investigation(s) which may ultimately lead to the involuntary termination of one’s membership.

FEES:  (a synopsis)


1.  FULL COLORS member:  Initial membership fee of $180 and afterwards a $30.00 dues due annually to VBMC Headquarters.

2.  FULL COLORS member: Chapter Dues:  $20.00 due annually to local Chapter

3.  Patriot member:   Initial membership fee of $170.00 and afterwards$20.00 dues due annually to VBMC Headquarters.

4.  Patriot member:  Chapter Dues:  $10.00 due annually to local Chapter

5.  Honorary Member:  No annual fees or dues

6.  Chapters:  Chapter Fee:  $100.00 due annually to VBMC Headquarters (see Constitution and By-Laws, Article II)

 *** All fees and dues paid to VBMC Headquarters and Chapters are nonrefundable***

SECTION F:  Disciplinary actions can and will be taken on any member of VBMC for the following:

Failure to abide by all VBMC Rules, Regulations, Constitution / By-laws and Headquarters Directives and to uphold and support the principles of RIDING WITH HONOR AND RESPECT FOR OUR GOD, NATIONS CONSTITUTION, COUNTRY AND VETERANS can and will result in disciplinary action being taken against a member up to and including permanent termination of club membership. 

At the time VBMC becomes aware of a 'substantiated' incident the offensive member (depending on the seriousness of the offense) can and will be removed from the clubs mailing list. VBMC HQ LLC and / or Chapter Officers have and will exercise the right and authority to confiscate any and all VBMC property possessed by the offensive member to include but not limited to VBMC Colors patches, flags, club promotion / advertising materials, monies, books, files, records, bank and credit cards, check books, and any and all other properties belonging to VBMC members, VBMC chapters or VBMC HQ LLC. 

Those terminated members who refuse to return club properties or who intentionally destroy club properties can and will be subject to legal actions being taken against them up to and including prosecution. 








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