The following VBMC Constitution and By-Laws are set forth for the normal operation and administration of the VBMC and will be directed on, and a guide for, the VBMC Chapters, officers and members. 


Officers, Their Duties, and Elections

SECTION A:  (Elected Officers), The following VBMC Chapter officers will be elected in accordance with the By-Laws of the VBMC, to serve a period of two years.  All officers are required to select, identify and train alternate(s) to serve in their absence. There are no restrictions for other elected officers. Except for those noted by an asterisk (*) below, each officer must be an Active Member and Rider and a member in Good Standing. 

1.  President *

2.  Vice President *

3.  HQ Director *

4.  Secretary*

5.  Treasurer *

6.  Chaplain

7.  Sergeant-At-Arms*

8.  Regional / Road Captains (as needed)

9.  Public Relations

All elected officers named above except for those NOT noted by an asterisk (*) constitute the Chapter Executive Committee.  In addition to the specific duties described in the following Section B, the Chapter Executive Committee may:

1.      Authorize disbursement of funds to pay for expenses as approved by Club procedures

2.      Appoint committee members and any temporary officers as required

3.      Take disciplinary action IAW the guidelines against any Member found to be in violation of the Club rules

4.      Act as a Budget Committee, unless a specific Budget Committee is formed

5.      Any actions of the Chapter Executive Committee must be reported at the next meeting and are subject to approval of the general membership

The Club officers? election, removal, powers, and responsibilities shall be governed according to the rules contained in the Charter and By-Laws.

The VBMC officers' election, removal, powers, and responsibilities shall be governed according to the rules contained in "The New Robert's Rules of Order" except when it is inconsistent with this Charter and associated by-laws.

SECTION B:  (Duties of Officers)

President - The duties are as follow:

1.  Manage the VBMC HQ or Chapter according to its Charter, By-laws, and "The New Robert's Rules of Order."

2.  Preside at all membership and special meetings or appoint an active member to represent him.

3.  Set dates for membership, special, and executive committee meetings.

4.  Appoint committee members on a voluntary basis, except Nominating Committee.

5.  Appoint members to fill elected officer positions if there are three months or less remaining on present term when the elected officer is unable to complete the current term.  A special meeting will be scheduled for a temporary election for the vacant position when more than three months are remaining on their term.

6.  Appoint points of contact (POCs).

7.  Act as VBMC HQ or Chapter spokesperson.

8.  Chair HQ or Chapter Executive Committee.

9.  Authorize expenditures, not to exceed $300.00 per purchase, between scheduled meetings of the membership, with concurrence of the Treasurer.

10.  Establish Special committees and appoint committee chairpersons as required.

11.    Distribute a tentative agenda for the next membership meeting.

12.    Vote only in the event of a tie

13.  Appoint officers to the following non-elected positions as he/she sees fit.


Vice President - The duties are as follows:

1.   Assume duties of the President in his/her absence

2.   Appoints Nominating Committee members.

3.   Serve as member of HQ or Chapter Executive Committee


HQ Director The duties are as follows:

1.   Managing the matters of administration of VBMC HQ LLC

2.   Operating the multi-faceted task of VBMC HQ LLC

3.   Setting and meeting of different targets necessary for VBMC HQ LLC success.

4.   Ensuring the routine requirements of VBMC HQ LLC are adequately fulfilled and on time.

5.   Overseeing the preparation and submitting of annual account(s) of VBMC HQ LLC 

6.    Looking after the health, safety, employment, tax and business related matters of VBMC HQ LLC. 

7.    Serve as member of HQ Executive Committee


Secretary - The duties are as follows:

1.  Record the minutes of membership meetings and take attendance

2.  Distribute of minutes within 3 calendar days (via e-mail if capability exists)

3.    Receive approval of previous month minutes at next regularly scheduled meeting

4.  Maintain a completed file of VBMC correspondence

5.     Maintain VBMC HQ or Chapter membership roster and make available to the Club (via e-mail if capability exists)

6.     Issue annual election ballots

7.     Chair Social Committee

8.     Serve as member of the HQ or Chapter Executive Committee

9.     Take attendance at each meeting, and ensure organizational records are compiled, maintained, and transferred to his/her successor

10.  Attest to the authentication of documents and any other actions by the President in the name of the VBMC

11.  Maintain VBMC e-mail folder or email account, and PO Box.

12.  Provide other administrative support required by the VBMC


Treasurer - The duties are as follows:

1.  Collect and record receipt of HQ or Chapter dues and /or other monies raised by the Chapter via fundraisers, donations or other such events.

2.    Issue and accept membership applications/resignations

3.    Maintain VBMC HQ or Chapter checking account(s).

4.    Maintain records on status of various HQ or Chapter accounts to render reports at meetings

5.  Read monthly financial report at each membership meeting.

6.  Provide financial report to the VBMC HQ or Chapter (via e-mail if capability exists).

7.  Serve as member of the HQ or Chapter Executive Committee

8.     A consolidated financial statement prepared for the entire calendar year and submitted with the constitution and bylaws to President for review.

9.     All audits and reviews will be submitted to President and filed in the HQ or Chapters historical folder.


Chaplain - Qualifications:

The following paragraphs outline the qualifications to become the club?s chaplain.

1. Each candidate for the office of Chaplain shall meet all requirements as a prospective member.

2. Chaplain must be a general officer with limited voting privileges of the official board by virtue of their office and must be designated by the general officers of the club.

3. Chaplain must possess a minister?s license or have a letter from their church pastor verifying their qualifications to serve as a chaplain.

4. In the absence of a licensed minister, any member with a minimum of 6 years in ministry can perform limited duties as the club?s chaplain. These individuals will be recognized as the club?s chaplain but will not wear the banner unless they meet the qualifications of paragraph 5.

5. In order to wear the ?CHAPLAIN? banner, the candidate must be an ordained, licensed minister.

6. Chaplain must be in good standing and an active member to carry out any and all responsibilities.


Chaplain Responsibilities:

1. The chaplain is an adviser to the general officers to assist in maintaining a positive image of the club and its active members.

2. The chaplain is responsible for conducting marriages, funeral, and dedications upon the request of any club members, Veterans and /or a Veterans family member(s).

3. The chaplain must be available to provide any form of counseling, to be held in confidence between the chaplain and the said member, upon the request of any club member.

4. The chaplain will pray for the spiritual growth, guidance, and protection of all Veteran Bikers MC members.

5. Chaplain will serve for a minimum of two years or until rescinded, suspended, or voluntarily terminated.

6. Chaplain is not required to attend any club functions that conflict with any spiritual beliefs.

7. Ordained chaplains must appoint, review, and recommend successors. If a candidate is referred to the chaplain, He must conduct an informal interview to ensure the candidate meets the spiritual qualifications to fulfill this position.

8. Conduct prayer before all formal meetings, rides, and functions.


Sergeant-At-Arms - The duties are as follows:

1.      Ensure that the By-Laws and Standing Rules of the Club are not violated

2.      Ensure Executive Committee orders are carried out in an expeditious manner

3.      Maintain order at all Club events, except as noted under Duties of the President

4.      Ensure proper decorum and courtesy are observed during all Club meetings

5.      Act as custodian of temporary and Club-owned property

6.      Head investigations for violations of VBMC code of conduct, constitution and by-laws.

7.      All Officers and Sergeant-At-Arms shall have the unchallenged right to terminate a member?s participation in a given ride or event for the club safety or image.  Upon request of the Sergeant-At-Arms, the President may suspend the member pending the lodging of an official complaint. Members have the right to appeal before the members and will abide by the decision of the members majority vote.

8. Serve as member of HQ Executive Committee


Public Relations - The duties are as follows:

1.    Provide liaison between the Club and the local community with overall goal of increasing public?s awareness of the Club and the Club?s objectives.

2.     Lead the Club to create plans for informing local community of upcoming Club events.

3.    Coordinate with local media (newspaper, radio, television, etc.) to provide information about the Club.


Historian - (Maintains documentation of VBMC history to include photos).


Road Captains - The duties are as follows:

1. Research, plan and organize all Club rides. Notify the Club of impending rides in a timely manner

2. Lead the Club in formation riding, funeral escorts, parades etc. The Road Captains will give riding instructions to all riders prior to the start of a ride.

3. One Road Captain will always ride point and set the pace. Another Road Captain will always ride drag to assure the safety of the Club from behind and assist members with mechanical problems.

4.  This position is available to both Full-Colors and Patriot members.




(1)  A mentor is defined as ?a trusted counselor or guide.? Mentoring, therefore, is a relationship in which a person with greater experience and wisdom guides another person?

(2)  The mentor will observe and assist new guest, members and or prospective members to VBMC at meetings and other events. This may be accomplished in the following ways:

     a.  Warming up to and working to make new guest feel comfortable and welcomed at our meetings and events.

     b.  Introducing new guest and members to other club members.

     c.  Knowing club rules, regulations and by-laws thoroughly and being able to answer our guest and new members questions and address their concerns.

(3)  The mentor will use available training and promotional resources to encourage safe responsible riding techniques and skills. 

(4)   This position is available to both Full-Colors and Patriot members.



 SECTION C:  (Member duties and laws)


1.  Members will above all, uphold the basic club principles of honor, truth, respect, support, loyalty, and commitment.

2. When representing the club in or away from our community, all members will conduct themselves with the highest regard of the club principles.  The club must not be tarnished by unrestrained behavior, disrespect of fellow citizens, or acts that generally reflect poorly on the clubs image and reputation.

3.  Members will not endanger the Club or any member by an illegal act or acts. 

4.  Each member serves as a safety officer.  Each member is responsible to identify and correct any condition that threatens the welfare of club members or the general public.  Any willful act of unsafe riding witnessed by a fellow club member(s) could result in denial of membership.  Members may plead their case at the next meeting.

5.  Activities will be conducted to encourage participation by all club members and no laws will be enacted which favor or separate members by the make of motorcycle they ride.

6.  No member will ride under an impaired physical/mental condition.  Every member will always try to prevent another member from riding in an impaired condition.

7.  No member will engage in the possession, use or sale of any illegal drug or misuse of any legal drug while participating as a member of VBMC.  - VIOLATION OF THIS RULE WILL RESULT IN AUTOMATIC TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP! - ALL MEMBERSHIP DUES AND FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

8.  Members will always hold the club in high regard.  A member will never angrily accost, assault, or slander any other fellow club member.

9.  Members will embrace and encourage an atmosphere of HONOR and RESPECT for VETERANS and club members, skill improvement, responsible riding, and riding enjoyment and discourage aggressive, competitive, and potentially self-destructive riding behaviors.

10.  Non-member Support is NOT considered membership in VBMC.  Non-member Support (NMS) is typically for spouses or significant others of members who ride often with their spouse or significant other and wish to show their support of VBMC but do not wish to become actual club members.  NMS wear only the VBMC eagle along with the SUPPORT banner along with the VB Flag patch.  NMS are expected to conduct themselves in the same respectful manner when riding along with VBMC and whenever wearing the VBMC insignia.  NMS unlike Patriot members have NO club rights or privileges other than being able to ride along on approved rides and events.



SECTION D:  (Elections, Voting, and Officer Removal)


Nominations for VBMC Chapter officers will be proposed in advance of elections and listed in the Club minutes and/or news.  Declination by nominees will be so indicated or announced prior to voting, and only by members in Good Standing may make nominations.  All elective offices shall be filled at the annual election to be held in the General Membership Meeting each December.  Officers shall hold offices for two years or until their successors are elected and qualified.

Election of VBMC Chapter officers shall be done on a bi-annually basis during the December general membership meeting.  The VBMC Vice President at the August membership meeting will appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of at least three members.  The committee will deliver to the November regular membership meeting a ?Candidate Affidavit of Eligibility and Solicitation of Office? proposal.  Members seeking to serve as officers of the VBMC will have until the September regular membership meeting to return to the Nomination Committee a completed affidavit.  The committee will submit a slate of candidates and accept nominations from the floor at the December general membership meeting.  Floor nominations will not be accepted unless the candidate is present and verbally accepts, or has provided an affidavit to the Nomination Committee.  Nominees must have enough retainability to complete the term for which they are being nominated.  If a member of the Nominating Committee becomes a candidate, that member shall be removed from the committee and a new member shall be appointed.

Nomination of principal officers will be solicited at the August monthly meeting.  The election of principal officers will be conducted at the December meeting, with newly elected officers assuming office at the January meeting.  All officers will be elected by a majority vote.  A member may hold only one office at one time.  It is not required that a candidate for office be able to serve for a complete term of two years.  Should a candidate be elected that can only serve part of the term, an Interim Officer will be elected to serve out the remainder of the term.  Special elections for any unpredicted Officer vacancies shall be held at the next meeting.


Voting for the election of officers will be in open forum and by show of hands.  Voting on all other VBMC business will be by a show of hands with the majority ruling, or as stated below.  Ballots for the annual election will be provided to all members in good standing.  Any member with outstanding dues may obtain a ballot prior to the election by paying their outstanding dues.  For those active members unable to attend the December general membership meeting, absentee ballots may be obtained from the VBMC secretary.  Members of the nominating committee will tabulate ballots.  The candidate for each position with the most votes wins.


VBMC Chapter officers may be removed from office for cause with due process, as necessary, by request of the two-thirds of the active membership in the form of a signed petition.



Establishing VBMC Chapters

Members wishing to create and establish Chapters within VBMC must first submit directly to Veteran Bikers MC Headquarters (Aaron Edison) in writing their Request for Chapter Approval.  Included in this request should be the prospective Chapters Organizational Plan consisting of Chapter Bylaws and Chain of Command listing Elected Officer Positions and Titles along with the names of those persons holding key positions. Each Individual Chapters Bylaws and Organizational Chain of Command should be inclusive and in line with VBMC Headquarters guidelines listed above in sections A through D of the VBMC Constitution and Bylaws.  (THE EASIEST WAY TO DO THIS IS TO SIMPLY COPY HEADQUARTERS CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS VERBATIM AND SUBMIT).  In order to establish a new Chapter a minimum of four (4) members (which must be veterans) is required to fill Chapter officer positions of President, Vice President , Secretary, Treasurer, and if there is a Sergeant-at-arms  (must all be veterans). All proposed Chapter Officers must be a member of VBMC for at least one year, completed the Expectation of Membership/Probate, Be a Full Patch Member in good standing. 

Once approved by Veteran Bikers MC Headquarters the new Chapter will be issued a three digit Chapter NUMBER (#) and copy of the Veteran Bikers MC Charter authorizing the Chapters Rights and Privileges.  Each Chapter will be required to pay an annual nonrefundable Chapter Fee to Veteran Bikers MC Headquarters in the amount of $100.00. The initial payment of these fees will be required at the time the Request for Chapter Approval is submitted.  Afterwards, these annual Chapter fees will be required to be paid directly to Veteran Bikers MC Headquarters during the month of January of each year.  Failure to comply will result in the revoking of the Chapters Charter until fees are paid in full. These fees can be raised in any legal manner established and recorded in the VBMC and Chapters Bylaws (i.e. Poker Runs and other events hosted by the Chapter, Chapter member donations etc).

Chapters may require their active members to pay annual Chapters dues not to exceed $20.00 for Full-Colors Members and $10.00 for Patriot Members.

Veteran Bikers MC having been founded on Christian Principles devotes itself first and foremost to taking a stand for God / Christ and doing all within our power to direct our nation back to the fundamental Christian Principles which serve as the cornerstone of success for all nations which humble them-selves before God.

In doing so we SET FORTH AN ESTABLISHED POLICY, MANDATE AND VOW to aid in the propagation of the Gospel of Christ by both word and deed. We make it our policy and mandate to include the financial tithing of 10% of any and all monies raised by VBMC Headquarters and / or any VBMC Chapter sanctioned under a Charter of VBMC HQ LLC. This is to include ANY AND ALL MONIES RAISED VIA ANY CHARITABLE FUNDRAISERS, COLLECTION OF CHAPTER DUES, DONATIONS MADE TO THE CLUB, AND / OR ANY OTHER SOURCE.

Ten percent (10%) of all monies earned or raised by VBMC HQ LLC or any VBMC Chapter will automatically be set aside as a tithe to be given to a local CHRISTIAN Full Gospel, Bible Believing Church of their choosing to be used at the discretion of that Church for the sole purpose of furthering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In doing so Veteran Bikers MC shall strive to do our part in bringing HONOR AND RESPECT for our GOD / Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Chapter officers are responsible for ensuring their members are in compliance with all membership fees and dues (i.e. headquarters and chapter fees and dues) and are conducting themselves in accordance to the mandates established by VBMC as spelled out in this Charter, Constitution, Bylaws and Regulations.


Veteran Bikers MC Headquarters (Aaron Edison) reserves the right to suspend and / or permanently terminate any Chapter and /or the membership of any member that has been found to misrepresent Veteran Bikers MC its members and /or its officials in any manner which brings dishonor to the motorcycle club and/or its officers and members.



Meetings of the VBMC

SECTION A:  (General Membership Meeting) shall be held once a year, in December at each Chapter?s officially designated meeting place for the purpose of electing new officers and disseminating other business. To convene a general membership meeting, a quorum of one-fourth (1/4) or more of the active membership is necessary.  Motions/solutions and revisions/amendments will carry a simple majority of positive votes except when the issue involves a request for complete written financial reports.  In this exceptional case, a two-thirds (2/3) majority of positive votes is required.

SECTION B:  (Regular Membership Meeting) shall be held every 3rd Saturday or Sunday of the month at each Chapter?s officially designated meeting place as so stated in the by-laws for the purpose of conducting business that may be brought before the VBMC, listening to guest speakers, etc.  To convene a regular membership meeting, a quorum of 9 percent or more of the active membership is necessary.  Motions/resolutions and revisions/amendments will carry a simple majority of positive votes except when the issue involves a request for complete written financial reports.  In this exceptional case, a two-thirds (2/3) majority of positive votes is required.

SECTION C:  May 1st of each year marks the Anniversary / Founders Day of VBMC in which Chapters may elect to celebrate via the holding of special events, dinners or meetings in Honor of the Club.  This is to be a day of Honor, Recognition and Pride for Veteran Bikers MC and each of its members and their collective and individual club achievements and accomplishments throughout the year.  Chapters may elect to present awards to those outstanding achievers for the hard work put in on behalf of VBMC.  Those Chapters electing to do so are to celebrate this event during the regular monthly meeting in the month of May of each year or by scheduling a special day in May other than the monthly meeting if the two conflict.



Revisions, Adoptions, Amendments, and Review

SECTION A:  (Revisions/Adoptions)  The adoption and or revision of this Charter and associated By-laws require the approval of a majority of positive votes of the Active VBMC members present at any meeting, provided a two-week oral or written notice is given the VBMC Headquarters.  This charter and associated by-laws will not take effect until reviewed by the first acting and / or subsequent elected positions of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 

SECTION B:  (Amendments)  This charter and associated by-laws may be amended in part by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of positive votes of the Active VBMC members present at any meeting, provided a two-week oral or written notice is given to the VBMC Headquarters. This charter and associated by-laws shall be automatically amended to conform with all directives of higher headquarters without submission to the VBMC Headquarters.  All amendments will not take effect until reviewed by the first acting and/or subsequent elected positions of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

SECTION C:  (Review) An appointed Parliamentarian Committee shall review this charter and associated by-laws annually to ensure completeness, applicability, and compliance with current directives, and policies established by VBMC Headquarters.




Any Chapter of the VBMC may be dissolved by request of two-thirds (2/3) or more of the active Chapter membership in the form of a signed petition.  Upon dissolution, all VBMC Chapter funds and properties, in excess of liabilities and expenses of dissolution, shall be relinquished to VBMC Headquarters or (with the exception of VBMC Colors and properties) funds shall be donated to any Military/ Veteran organization as decided on by a simple majority of positive votes of the Chapters Active Members present.  All Full Colors, Patriot and Honorary Members of a dissolved Chapter may remain active members with VBMC Headquarters while in search of another Chapter or until a new Chapter is created and established in their state or area.










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